We offer complete weight loss program that takes you from losing weight to maintaining your weight for life.  Our program is ideal for people committed to losing the weight and keeping it off:

  • For personal reasons (to improve self- image and appearance)

  • For health reasons (especially those with diabetes, hyper-tension, etc)

  • In preparation for surgery to lower Body Mass Index

The weight loss protocol we use:

  • Is a medically-derived method, developed and refined over 20 years

  • Generates effective results that are predictable, measurable, and repeatable

  • Forces your body into burning fat, not sugar, while supporting muscle mass

  • Includes delicious foods (made in Canada) with over 60 choices

Our Coaches:

  • Create a custom program just for you

  • Track your progress by weight, inches, and key biometrics: body fat, lean body mass, and hydration levels

  • Provide ongoing accountability, support, and education on weight loss and stabilization through weekly one-on-one meetings

The Process

  • To get started, call us at (250) 383-5598 to book an appointment:

    • Information Session – this informal meeting is designed for you to understand the program and to determine if it is the one for you.  There is no charge for information sessions and they last about 30 minutes

    • Introductory Meeting – this is your first meeting if you decided this is the program for you (about one hour)

  • During the Introduction Session:

    • You will be weighed, measured, and have a non-invasive, non-intrusive body scan to identify your lean body mass, body fat percentage, and hydration levels

    • You choose your weight loss goal, not us

    • You will be educated about the program

    • You will receive your introductory kit, which includes:

      • Food for one week*

      • Extra food*, in case you need it during transition

      • Required micro-nutritional supplements (one month supply)

      • Program literature and tools

* Note – we allow our registered dieters to “mix and match” the foods; some centres only allow you to purchase boxes (seven servings of same food).  We believe our practice maximizes your chance of success by giving you more variety, and minimizing the risk that you will be stuck with food you do not like – significant during the critical first week.

  • During the First Week of Program:

    • We will contact you daily for a few days to provide you with support and answer any questions you may have

    • You will start to receive daily educational and motivational videos that will continue during most if not all of your weight loss journey

  • Weekly Meetings:

    • There is no charge for weekly meetings

    • Your coach will:

      • Perform a body scan for lean body mass, body fat percentage and hydration levels, as well as get your weight and measurements.  This provides a comprehensive picture of your progress

      • review your journal for the previous week, to ensure compliance with the program

      • discuss the previous week and the upcoming week and help you with strategies for success

      • provide you with education on an ongoing basis

      • help you make your next week’s food choices

To learn more about our weight loss protocol, please click here.