Outshine Salon & Spa are excited to announce the expansion of our Spa Team and Services to include Swedish & Hot Stone Massage along with Refreshing Facials by EVE a Practitioner with over 20 years experience .

call today to reserve a relaxing service with EVE.
Spa Services


Relaxation Massage
30 mins – $40
60 mins. – $69
90 mins – $105
This is a full relaxation massage which incorporates light to moderate pressure to sore or tired muscles. You have the option of working the whole body or focusing on target areas of concern.
Attention is given to both front and back of the body, as well as feet, hands and face.

We recommend you focus on specific areas of concern if you choose to have a 30 minute treatment.

       Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins – $75.00

1.5 hr – $115

More pressure is used to slowly yet gently break down tight and knotted muscles, permitting tension in to be released. The Practitioner will frequently check to make adjustments to the pressure to meet your individual needs.
Hot Stone Massage
60 mins. – $79.00

 1.5 hr – $120

Jade stones are heated to the perfect temperature, and both used to massage the muscles as well as be placed on areas of your body to promote deep warmth and relaxation.


Refreshing Facial
30 mins. – $55.00

This is a relaxing and refreshing boost to the skin and is a perfect introduction to our Spa Services or if you are simply very busy and have limited time.

Spa Etiquette
Do arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to take full advantage of this time to relax. It will also provide you time to fill out a brief health questionnaire. Please remember to turn off your cell phone.

What to Wear
It is up to you and your comfort level as to whether you wish to fully disrobe or leave your briefs on. You are fully covered at all times and only the body part being massaged is exposed.

Massage & Spa Practitioner’s Bio

Eve brings over 20 years of Spa Practitioner experience having worked at five star resorts throughout British Columbia. Her specialities are Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Relaxing Facials.

Eve incorporates a variety of different techniques into her treatments; these include, Swedish, Pressure Points and Reflexology.

We use Coconut Oil, but also have a natural oil for those with nut sensitivities.

Eve is not a registered Massage Therapist, so we can not issue extended medical receipts.