We always recommend for any client who is considering full extensions to come in for a free consultation with our specialist Jaime. Jaime has many years experience putting in extensions, and her preferred method is using bonded extensions.

We use the UltraTress human hair extensions due to their quality, silkiness, and re-useability. The extensions, when cared for properly, can be reused for up to a year. They are unsurpassed in their softness, and remain that way for much the duration . Since Ultratress extensions are made of human hair they can be styled as you would your own hair normally with heat tools, etc.

Using a bonded extension like Ultratress is preferable, because we can lay the tracks higher on the head giving the hair a more natural and fuller look. We sell the hair by the weft ($64.50), and depending on what result you require the average total number of wefts you would need would be between 4 to 10. Another bonus to the bonded type extensions is that the application of them is relatively quick—taking only 1 to 1 1/2 hours, whereas weaves and other extension services can take between 4 to 6 hours!

In contrast to the realistic Ultratress extensions, we also offer a number of options for the client who wants a flash of high fashion colour without the damage or the permanency. Quickstreaks are finer, and more long term, as they are attached to a very small section of hair by a small circular clamp. Quickstreaks are also made of human hair, and this gives you the ability to style them as you wish. These extensions grow out with your hair, and can be reused as well.

The second type of brightly coloured extension we offer is our shop made clip-in extensions. These are coloured and sewn together in our shop, again using 100% human hair and Goldwell’s Elumen colour system. These are clips are great as you can put them in or take them out with incredible ease, and they give you the ability to change your look in a snap.

The other clip in extensions that we offer will have you ready to go in seconds! We sell human hair extensions in a number of different lengths and colours. Completely style-able and completely believable as your own hair, these extensions come in 7 piece sets. Our stylists are more than happy to help match your hair colour to the extensions and show you how to put them in for the most natural and seamless look.

Extensions are a great way to change your look (and length!) instantly, and for people with finer or thinner hair it’s a fantastic option to add the body and fullness that we all seem to crave. If you have any questions about the products, process, or all the benefits of getting extensions, then please feel free to email us at bookings@outshinesalonandspa.com or call (250)383-5598 to book your consultation today.