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Late 40’s; overweight for two decades, 45lb weight loss goal

“I was overweight for many years and tired of dreaming about being thinner.  When I made the decision to do something about it, Ideal Protein was the way to go for me.  The biggest thing I had to do was be self-disciplined; the rest was easy and in fact, it seemed unfair just how easy it was!  In 4 1/2 months, I lost 47 lbs.  My results were fan-freaking-tastic!  Thank you to the coaches at Outshine…you who were encouraging, supportive and realistic on this journey to the ‘me’ I am meant to be.”

LE before and after


Mid 50s, overweight/obese most of adult life, 75-80lb weight loss goal

“I have tried practically every diet in the last 40 years but could either not lose the weight, or when I did, it quickly returned.  I tried ‘Lifestyle’ diets that left me hungry and with unsatisfactory weight loss results.  It was difficult to go to the gym as an obese woman but I eventually would push through my shame and go periodically but found myself tired and hungry.  I had resigned myself to being fat forever.
Then I tried the Ideal Protein weight loss program at Outshine.  I could not believe that I could lose that much weight without exercise!  I lost over 29lbs in the first two months and a whopping 9” off my stomach.  I feel like my life is back on track and my energy levels are up.  I am looking forward now to starting an exercise regime once I am on Phase 4.  My goal is to reach that phase by May (I have lost almost 50lbs to date and so another 30lbs or so to go)!”


30’s, 22.5lb weight loss goal achieved

Lindsay is a licensed practical nurse. After much research she chose to do Ideal Protein because she believed the program was the perfect way to rid her body of excess fat. Lindsay achieved her goal of 25lbs on the Ideal Protein method in 2 ½ months.
Lindsay is now enjoying life on Phase 4 of the program. She’s thrilled with the results she achieved so quickly, and the change is noticeable. Lindsay’s only complaint is that none of her clothes fit her properly anymore!

Melinda, Victoria, BC

“I’ve never had a serious weight problem but spent most of my adult life wishing I could take off those ‘last few pounds’. At times it was only 10lbs but at my heaviest I needed to lose 20. I wanted to be more fit, get rid of the new belly fat and generally lose weight. I was a healthy eater for the most part but I needed to learn about sugar, protein and fat in a whole new way. Ideal protein was the answer! The support from my coach was exceptional, she would spend time with me every week, teaching me about food and how the body works. Esperanza measured and weighed me every week and encouraged me along the way. In 10 weeks, I lost 20 pounds and 22 inches! I feel great! The food is delicious and easy to prepare. Whether you need to lost 10 pounds or 100, I highly recommend Ideal protein!”

Linda C., Victoria, BC

30lb weight loss goal achieved

“Ideal protein is a weight management program that works incredibly well!!

I lost 30lbs in 14 weeks.

I found this program surprisingly easy because I was required to eat every 2-3 hours so I always felt satisfied & never deprived. It was amazing how my sugar cravings disappeared…

When I first met with Esperanza I had doubts that I could do this diet because I was really addicted to sugar & it was hard to believe that I could gain control of this addiction…But I am now in control & I feel so empowered!!

Esperanza is a fantastic coach, she is incredibly knowledgeable in this area & SO INSPIRING!! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her & I am deeply grateful to her for all her help; I miss our weekly visits.

Now that I am 30 lbs lighter I feel so much better.

I feel lighter, healthier, more flexible, stronger, & more confident about myself. I now have a clear understanding about how to eat so I can maintain a healthy body weight. I have learned so much thru this experience & I am so grateful. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight.


Helen Thibert – Lancaster, Ontario

I lost 230lbs in 18 months!

“My name is Helen Thibert. I am 47 years old; I live in Lancaster, Ontario (Canada). I’ve battled with my weight since my teenage years. In December 2007, I had reached my highest weight of 388lbs at the age of 45. I started the proteins in January 2008 and 18 months later I had lost 230lbs! I went from wearing size 5X to size 14. This was a first for me.

My favorite pass time now is shopping at my favorite store «Tommy Hilfiger». I can actually walk into any store that I wish and I will find something that fits me.

Using the proteins was easy, delicious and I never felt hungry or like it was a chore to lose weight. It became part of my daily routine and the pounds started melting off my body and I was starting to feel the best I had felt in years!

I can now go on a plane or bus trip, actually feel comfortable in the seat and pay for one seat only, instead of two. I can enjoy going to amusement parks and rides with my nephews and enjoying it to the maximum. I am a changed woman and I have nothing but good things to say about the Ideal Protein product.

I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

Thank you very much for saving my life!”

Karen West – Spruce Grove, Alberta

I lost 48lbs in 3 1/2 months!

“In June 2009 a friend of mine told me about a diet that would improve my health and get my excess weight off forever. I had heard that before and been on every diet program or supplement out there, in fact, I was a 20-year veteran of professional dieting.

Over those 20 years I lost hundreds of pounds and gained every one of them back and sometimes more. At the time my friend spoke to me, my mother was in the hospital on her deathbed with pancreatitis complications and type II diabetes. I was stressed and the last thing I wanted to deal with was my weight so I told her in not so nice words I was not interested.

She told me this was different because it addressed and re-educated the pancreas, the organ responsible for weight gain. Well, my head whipped around so fast I thought I had whiplash. I had never heard that before and because my mom was in the hospital with pancreas problems, I listened with full attention.

I wound up going to an info session, started on the program at Karma Health in Spruce Grove AB and lost 48lbs in 3 ½ months. I have been able to keep it off for the first time in my life. I know this was my last diet ever!

My mom has lost 45lbs and has not taken any insulin since day 8 on the program. My middle sister has lost over 50lbs, my youngest sister 35lbs and too many friends and family to mention have lost weight, decreased their medications for high blood pressure, GERD, Diabetes, and many more health issues.

My passion cannot be put into words. I have made it my personal mission to help as many people as possible reclaim their health and enjoy their life as it was intended.”

Jerry Driscol – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I lost 77lbs!

“I found the program to be very structured, which for me worked very well. It was easy to follow and the coaches made me feel comfortable when asking questions. I have been overweight most of my adult life and it feels great to have shed the pounds and the burden that comes with them. The fact that I have been able to discontinue my diabetic, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications has been the biggest benefit!”

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